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The Musetech Document Management System (MDMS) is a customized software developed by Muse Technology. The foremost of Muse Technology's 
operating principles is customer satisfcation and cost-effectiveness. MDMS helps us to  meet and exceed our clients' needs and expectations.  

MDMS has been easily and successfully applied to all industries since 1992. The follows are just a few of the success cases  in industries we serve, but the high 
valuation of the service and solutions we deliver to client is supported by their continued trust.

Schools :
Providence University / Registration   Lunghwa University / Document and File Division
National Taipei College of Business/Document and File   China University / Document and File Division
Shih Chien University / Document and File Division   Yu Da University / Document and File Division
 Offices :            
Taipei Water Department/Document and File Division   Taipei Water Department/Planning Division
Taipei Metro   Department of Motor Vehicle Kaohsiung City

Others :

Taiwan Blood Services Foundation   Cheng Hsin General Hospital
Holbright Weighing Systems co., LTD.   TVBS / Financial Department








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